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" This Harvest of Dreams"

Valerie Powell

Open:  June 5 - July 27, 2015
Reception:  Saturday, June 6, 3 -6 pm


                      As Artists
                                         I wander and search
                                         Clouds of daffodils
                                         A pilgrim on wild flower roads
                                         I am called to such joy
                                         and a moment of faith
                                         in goodness available
                                         becomes me
                                         holding the hands
                                         that hold me
                                         knowing the mandala
                                         of all my clues and costume
                                         clarity as clearing as a driving rain
                                         heading for plowed fields
                                         Spirit of the land
                                         a balancing of color
                                         makes poetry want to live
                                         and poets want to give birth

Valerie Powell:

Valerie lived alone with her animals and plants on top of Sweetwater Springs Mountain, near the town of Healdsburg, California, for over 30 years.  During this time, Valerie spent her time in solitude, in nature, her garden, her animals and producing a vast amount of art. She has sold her work in San Francisco and throughout Sonoma County including: Ren Brown Collection, Quick Silver Mine Co. and Quercia Gallery where she is exhibiting her retrospective, "This Harvest of Dreams".
Valerie is now residing in Healdsburg, California.

Please come and visit this introspective work of Valerie Powell



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