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"Grandeur of the Small"


Stacey Schuett

Open:  October 2nd through November 23, 2015

Reception:  October 3rd, 3 - 6 pm


Crow with Shadow by Stacey Schuett

                                         Artist’s Statement

I’m interested in noticing minutiae, the small, commonplace details of lives as they're lived
everyday. Hidden things draw my attention—wild creatures, dim memories, the wavering
silhouette of what might be true at a particular time. I’m always aware of overlapping lives, and
of anonymous others from the past whose pleasures and fears and wants—once so real—are
long over and remembered by no one.

I work with acrylic paint and gouache on a prepared surface, usually paper or wooden panel.
Sometimes I use collage elements, or a textured underpainting to increase the surface texture.
In my pieces, I try to suggest the feel of artifacts from the past, things that have been handled
by other hands and come to us weighted with time. As a kid, I liked paintings that had a caked-on quality, or a fluid, haphazard appearance. Now, I try to give my own paintings a luminous
quality with glowing color and a surface somewhere between messy and precise.



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